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Dienstag, 9. November 2004

I LUV SubEthaEdit!
well so do I !
me too :)
Me three!

As usual.  Empty document. This is quite cool......
'The perfect girl is waiting for me'.

Well, thats what someone said to me.  I don't know if I beli
eve it or not just yet.  There are a lot of girls out there and it's pretty impossible to speak with and 'get to know' some of them.  Some weird guys don't really care for the 'get to know' part.  I know guys who've had chains of girlfriends in the space everyone else (including me) has had only a couple.  They date for a couple months, then they break up.  I don't understand that.  Two people meet and get a connection, then it disappears.  Why does it fail?  What's wrong with her/him?  For everyone else but the two involved its usually something we view as trivial.  We think 'What's wrong with that guy/girl, they're breaking up over ....'.

Is that what really separates people who have long periods between partners and people who don't go a week without a date?  Are people who favour long-term relationships
sub-consciously seeking a partner to make up for their own feelings of insecurity?  Are people who don't settle less forgiving of flaws in others due to a flaw perceived in themselves?  I like long-term relationships, but I can't say I feel 100% secure.  Do I fear the hurt of a cycle of meet-date-breakup?  Yes.  I don't like the idea of that at all.  I want a girl who'll be there for me like I am for her.  Is that all that's preventing a lot of women from dating more often?  If it is then shame, shame on us all.  We'll all end up getting killed over some damn silly argument because people can't find someone to love.

I dunno.  
But it won't be here in a week and I feel a lot better.

I see.

The basics are:
sex is not an object that you can get and keep forever. Love is an event, that begins, lasts for a while, and passes. If you're lucky, you can actually make love last until you, or the person you love dies, but that doesn't happen very often -- if for no other reason, then because people change and their ways can split with time.

One should enjoy and nourish love, but it's not possible to make sure it will last forever. Oh well, bummer ;)

But it is possible to grow together and stay in love:)  Well, at least the few it does work for gives hope to the rest of us...

One Dark Day In The Middle Of The Night, Two Dead Boys Got Up To Fight.
Back to back they faced each other, drew their swords and shot the other.
A dea
f policeman heard the noise and shot and killed those two dead boys.
If you don't believe this story's true, ask Joe the blind man, she saw it too.