SubEthaEdit 4

Collaborative text editing.
Share and Enjoy.

The app that started the collaborative editing revolution is back with a brand-new interface, ready for the future. Write articles, code, notes or meeting minutes with friends – wherever they are. Get it now for an introductory price!

The gold standard of writing together.

SubEthaEdit kickstarted collaborative editing with its immediate and easy way to connect and work on text. In 2003, it won an Apple Design Award for its intuitive interface: Just add your co-workers to the document and start typing. SubEthaEdit can work without any Internet connection. Bonjour networking makes it easy to just collaborate without the hassle of setting up connections and jumping through hoops to see each other.

Of course SubEthaEdit also supports collaboration over the Internet. Just send invites via iMessage or Email. The app takes care of the complicated stuff like mapping network ports in your router and making the document available, leaving you able to concentrate on what matters: Your text.

Powerful, but not complicated.

SubEthaEdit's new Document Hub helps you find what you're looking for. Shared network documents show up next to current and recently used files, making it easy to work together.

Networked documents can be shared privately or publicly for everyone in the office to see. That enables spontaneous collaboration on texts that should be easily discoverable.

SubEthaEdit also allows you to manage access within the document. You can allow collaborators to edit the text, or restrict them to reading only, if needed. Users can be tracked by enabling the Follow mode. Ideal for showing others something in the document or alerting them to a passage of note.

Beyond networking, SubEthaEdit also features innovative and powerful text editing tools, such as Blockedit. This feature allows you to edit multiple lines of text at once by selecting them and enabling the Blockedit mode. Every change you make in this mode is automatically applied to every selected line of text.

A great editor, together and on your own.

SubEthaEdit comes with even more powerful text features like full support for regular expression searches. Out of the box it supports a variety of programming languages and is extendable and customizable. And if you design websites, SubEthaEdit has an integrated web preview that lets you see what your code does, while you type it.

For any questions regarding SubEthaEdit, please have a look at our FAQ or send us a mail.